Our Impact

Last year, we received certification as a B Corporation, a comprehensive distinction that promotes a sustainable economic model. We constantly seek opportunities to learn and play an active role in positive change.

We strive to increase awareness and promote a healthier and more mindful lifestyle among our visitors and the community.


We are committed to closely collaborating with the diverse communities of our country, offering empowerment tools and professionalism. We seek to drive a transformation of positive impact that highlights the cultural and natural richness of every corner of our nation.

We aspire to strengthen community ties, promote sustainable development, and contribute to the flourishing of an environment where each individual can reach their full potential. Collaboration and mutual respect are essential to building a future where diversity is celebrated and where each community thrives in harmony with its surroundings.


We aspire to be the leading trainers and facilitators in the industry, catalyzing the talent and potential of the hotel sector in communities. We are dedicated to strengthening economic, social, and environmental well-being with the aim of positioning community tourism as a spearhead. We envision a future where our actions significantly contribute to the sustainable prosperity of communities through an empowered and responsible hotel industry.

Our Pillars


We strive to raise awareness in all our partnerships, aiming to become agents of change. We actively seek out new communities to maximize our social footprint, collaborating with organizations such as Esmex, Cántaro Azul, REINSERTA, Ashoka, Sistema B, and La Mano del Mono.


Our strategy, centered on putting the planet first, focuses on measuring the ecological footprint of our products and processes. From design to final delivery, we seek to reduce our negative impact, offsetting remaining carbon emissions and fostering climate consciousness.

We use recycled fabrics that do not require additional dyes.

We implement artisan techniques that do not rely on electricity.

We opt for local materials to minimize environmental impact.

We select reused textiles and sustainable raw materials.


We are dedicated to forging fair and sustainable employment opportunities for all members of our value chain. We affirm our commitment to inclusion by providing opportunities to indigenous women, youth, and those in vulnerable situations. Furthermore, we are proud to share that 60% of our team is composed of women.

Recognizing the crucial role of our artisans, who allocate 90% of their income to their families and communities, we strive to ensure the integrity of our value chain. We work tirelessly to improve the conditions of every actor involved in the creation of our products, thus seeking to generate a positive impact at every stage of our process and in the lives of those involved.


We collaborate closely with our community to integrate small producers, artists, and artisans into the hotel value chain, facilitating their access to broader markets.

The essence of our hotels is reflected in every detail: from decoration to amenities, everything is crafted and acquired directly from artisans located in various regions of the country. Through multiple channels, we showcase their works and techniques, celebrating the rich creativity and talent of Mexican artists and artisans. This commitment not only enriches the experience for our guests but also contributes to the flourishing of creative communities throughout Mexico.


Support for Dhara Movement for the realization of Noche de Arte.

Successfully raising $116,200 MXN to fund the third generation of women in their program, providing scholarships for 6 women for 3 months.

We contribute to 5% of sales in Someone Somewhere’s direct-to-consumer products, equivalent to 228 hours of artisan weaving (Puebla, Hidalgo, and State of Mexico).

We contribute to 15% of the revenue of Chana Triqui. 3 workshops for knotting and a 2nd point of sale.

We contribute to Reinserta so that 8 teenagers can enter their program.

Our Allies

We are proud to collaborate with organizations and communities that enrich our lives day by day.

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At B Artesanal we promote awareness and enhance the talent of people and organizations, promoting quality products from artisans, local producers and brands with impact.

We collaborate with “Saving our Sharks Foundation” to raise awareness and support for marine and shark conservation.

The responsible
tourist’s decalogue

I commit to and share the following eight principles that I consider essential to being a tourist committed to sustainability, equality, diversity, and environmental care, while respecting and protecting the places I visit.

Being a responsible tourist is a way to enrich life through travel and, at the same time, positively contribute to the well-being of the communities I visit and the care of the planet.

  1. I respect the customs, traditions, and beliefs of the community I visit.
  2. I avoid using single-use plastics and refill my water bottle instead of using disposables.
  3. I do not pick or harm plants and animals, and I care for the landscape using environmentally friendly products.
  4. I buy local products and services, paying fair prices.
  5. I choose businesses and companies that promote gender equality and diversity.
  6. I support projects and organizations working for sustainable development in the region I visit.
  7. I opt for reusable or compostable products instead of disposables when possible.
  8. I use water and energy responsibly in the hotel, my room, and restaurants.